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Friday, July 2nd, 2021


South Korea’s COVID-19 cases spike as Delta variant spreads

South Korea‘s daily count of coronavirus cases has topped 800, the highest in nearly six months, due to new cluster infections and the spread of the highly contagious Delta variant, officials said on Friday. The Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA) reported 826 cases, up from 762 the day before and the highest since Jan. 7 when the country was grappling with a third wave of COVID-19. Almost 81% of the 765 locally transmitted cases came from the capital, Seoul, and its surrounding regions, KDCA data showed. The government had said it would relax social distancing measures this monthRead More

Pakistan PM Khan blasts Western media for being ‘very hypocritical’ on Kashmir issue

ISLAMABAD – Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has criticized the Western media for failing to report on the ground reality in Indian-administered Kashmir, calling it “very hypocritical” and “double-faced.” Speaking with Chinese journalists on Thursday, Khan said his country’s relations with China are based on trust and they would accept the Chinese version of their program in Xinjiang. “The Western media hardly reports massive human rights violations in Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK), where nine million people had been put into an open prison, very hypocritical,” state-run Associated Press of Pakistan quoted Khan as saying. The IIOJK has been turned into a policeRead More

Democracy means disagreement with dignity

Wajeeha Bilal We live in a controversial world where we are compelled to pick sides and any criticism of an idea leads to the belief “you’re either with us, or against us” sandbagging everyone into friends or foes. Unfortunately, the social media debates among parties and their supporters move from the planning of a prosperous future into a domain of utter disrespect and disregard for each other. This kind of stubbornness restricts the potential to grow and reform new objectives and viewpoints for the future of the country. Just because youRead More

SHORT STORY: The Honest Taxi Driver

Zeenat Hussain What all is involved in a taxi drivers life; physical labour and not much exercise for the grey matter. One such driver was Anwar. He got his driving license from the back door. He did not learn how to drive a car, neither was he aware of the traffic rules and regulations. He was however, a man with a generous heart, known for his hospitality.  Overheard conversation, as he sat with his mates at a tea stall. “Tea keeps me on my feet”, have another, everything should beRead More

Pakistan needs to prioritize cooperation with ASEAN: FS

Pakistan ASEAN Experts Dialogue “Pakistan-ASEAN: Shared Future and the Way Forward” held at ISSI in collaboration with ASEAN group countries; dialogue concluded with remarks by Ambassador Tugio with a proposal for an interactive engagement between Pakistan and ASEAN Staff Report ISLAMABAD:  “ASEAN has transformed into a vibrant 10-member Organization, an increasingly integrated economic community, and a central pillar of regional architecture. Pakistan needs to prioritize five areas of cooperation with ASEAN, which include: strengthening of Pak-ASEAN connectivity, support for the business communities to comprehensively upgrade economic cooperation with ASEAN countries, focusRead More

Chinese Leadership is most Trustworthy in the World

R A Shiekh In an era of post- truth, it is difficult to desilt truth from lies. Politicians hit emotions of the target audience to gain their sympathies and avoid telling them facts. A polarized society is ideal ground for propaganda. Bias of one group helps to spread fake news against other group. It is a chain reaction which results into chaos in a society. Chaos help the defeated echelon of politics. EU DisinfoLab recently revealed in by exposing Indian propaganda against Pakistan since last one and a half decade. IndianRead More